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For 24 Years We Are Fighting For the Truth
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Announcement! We are going to make professional ground-breaking documental film for the mainstream scientists on real pre-flood civilization.

"Last Pre-flood Planetary Empire Atlantis" It will be most amazing and sensational documental film for the Mankind ever produced by film-makers! We are working for the mankind to explain truth!You can help Mankind to understand Truth!

For decades mainstream scientists have the Ostrich position against magni-ficent discoveries. They do not want to see beyond the old teaching – “beyond the sand”. Teaching old false is fully acceptable for the mainstream scientists. Old unwieldy contingent of the Scientific Academies thinks more about what to die in peace, so that no one troubled soul. For decades, we have an absolute ignorance and boycott by mainstream science.

You can help Mankind to understand Truth!

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Humankind needs ground-breaking documental film

for the falsifier mainstream "scientists" on Atlantis


Pre-flood Prime Meridian and Sunken Citadel Atlantis

between the Azores Isles: Santa Maria and Sao Miguel

Citadel Atlantis

Smaller red circle: Pre-flood capitol hill (Citadel Atlantis)

Red circle: Kingdom of Atlas (Atlantis City)

Red Line: Prime Meridian of the Pre-flood world

Red dots: Magmatic layers, result of the Apocalyptic eruptions.

Blue arc: Remains of circular canals (Pre-flood Harbors)

Blue line: Man-made cannal from pre-flood harbors to the ocean