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Cosmogeological real map of Atlantis, six main rivers, two volcanoes (red dots), Pluto’s and Ammon’s (Mu) small islands and approximately places to Persephone's smaller islands. pre-flood coastal zone of North America and the magnetic field direction to the end of the last inter-flood period



Global catastrophic plate tectonics in 10,465B.C. could change the isostatic balance between the main lithosphere platforms and slabs. The east coastal zone of Northern America had been sunken. Ten island of Atlantis: Huge Poseidia,  two small islands sacred to Pluto and Ammon and seven smaller Persephone's islands have been fully sunken in the ocean.
The Roman marble copy from the Greek original, 4 centuries B.C., Rome, the Vatican museums


Look at the image of Poseidon and his trident. What is the origin of the trident of Poseidon? The trident of Poseidon accompanies all of his images and sculptures. Why does Poseidon always appear with this trident in his left hand and the torch has in the right? (Later torch was removed by the Romans and trident moved to the right hand. K.M.)

  In many languages of the ancients, the sign of trident designates the mountains. The trident symbolically represents three mountain (at the half way from the Gibraltar to the Atlantis City K.M.) tops towering above the sea (means an ocean sometimes K.M.).  These three mountain tops were seen from afar . When a ship approached Atlantis, three mountain tops appeared on the horizon as the trident of the potentate of the seas and of Atlantis. (In the middle way from the Gibraltar to the Atlantis City ships were moving between two islands until the last global flood. from afar tops of the right island towering above the sea like a trident of the Poseidon. that is seen on the sea-floor as a three connected point. the torch is hint about another puzzle. It means at the peak of the another island was source of light. In the middle of the Persephones situated two islands. right island from Poseidia was a had and to the left situated other two smaller islands and their three peaks towered from the sea like a trident. "It looked like the main island Poseidia (the island of Poseidon-[Greece translation]) and beside it, three mountain tops of two smaller islands  towered from the sea. The appearance of the three mountain tops on the horizon announced to the seafarers that they were arriving at the capital of Atlantis".


«The Egyptians described Atlantis (main island Poseidia K.M.) as an island comprising mostly mountains in the northern portions (The map above proves same) and along the shore, and encompassing a great plain of an oblong shape in the south "extending in one direction three thousand (Atlantian-Egyptian) stadia [about 615  km;], but across the center inland it was two thousand (Atlantian-Egyptian) stadia [about 410 km;] The island was larger than Ancient Libya and Asia Minor combined, but it afterwards was sunk by an earthquake and became an impassable mud shoal, inhibiting travel to any part of the ocean». (the ancient description is an interesting and almost true. You can see all main islands on the my map and exactly sizes we can understand after future expensive investigations only! Main is that we’ve knew almost exactly modern coordinates of the last planetary empire ATLANTIS!!! K.M.)

Plato stated that the continent lay in the Atlantic Ocean near the Straits of Gibraltar until its destruction 9,000 years previous before Solons epoch. it means about 600 B.C. and the catastrophe happened approximately in 9,600B.C. or 11,610 years ago. Of course Plato was near to the true date. Really it happened in 10,465B.C. Plato was partially right! there is a wrong story (political war) between Athenians and Atlantians! During platinum age of Atlantis within the Balkan Peninsula the primitive Hunter gatherers were living in the Stone age. In reality it was war between the two coalitions, i. e. war Atlantis (west) coalition against Baalbek's (east) coalition. I have studied all ancient sources from America, Africa and Europe mainly! Why Plato had created fantastic political fairy-tale about the war? He thought that without the war and winner Greeks??? his story would not be interesting in the Greece and that could not be used by Plato to prop up his and Greece’s political ideas. It resembles to other Greek stories that we are pretty sure were political myths. 

Somewhere had been sunken an island… similar event within the Aegean Sea was not so rare event.  Without his an interesting political fairy-tale about the war, mankind could loss real story about Atlantis forever. It would not be an interesting and rewritable many times to survive during violent centuries. After for millenniums I want to say - “Plato thank you” !!!

Hieroglyphs one of the Atlantis areals. Each Hieroglyph is an interesting proof about the lost civilization. Each of them almost unlike others and  indicate a word and consists of the interesting and difficult for us letters. I think The triangle meaning is an island or mountain. The meaning of the three triangles maybe is a  weapon or trident. We can recognize one of the hieroglyphs (:) -12; etc. We are generation of the simple fantastic epoch.

This is a natural treasure; image from "Main Temple" - Tulum ruins - Yucatan, Mexico and is an interesting proof about the ancient pre-flood history. thus part of the Olmeks' kingdom Yucatan Peninsula had been captured by one of the Atlantis kingdoms before the last global deluge.

Of course The Atlantis civilization had own alphabet, it should be decoded in future! Of course paper was not discovered by this time and young generation of Atlantis were studying on stone "papers" in the transparent temples until the last pre-flood time. The image looks like a tale with beautiful pictures created for the children. Its survival is a really fantastic event for millenniums. Maybe is a copy of the old source. Lots of pre-flood Atlantian or Olmecian proofs 2,600 artifacts, written on andesite discovered by Alberto Ruz in 1952 still are hidden in the museums of the Mexico and USA.

For millenniums from "Khufu" ((2589-2566 BC) was the 4th Dynasty (2613-2498) pharaoh) almost 4500 years mankind was looking for Atlantis!

Atlantis was the first most developed pre-flood culture. Many less developed pre-flood cultures keep information about their Gods (teachers) in reality about the sages-missioners (spreaders of religious and agriculture knowledge) from Atlantis (Egypt, Mesopotamia, Hindu-Sarasvati Civilization...etc. ).
Trident is a symbol of Atlantis. If gad has the trident it has symbol of Atlantis and each god came from the Atlantis culture. Atlantis was a powerful marine power and last planetary empire and their main god became Poseidia potentate of the seas and oceans as well as Atlantis. It became Poseidon in the Greece, Neptune for the Romans, trishula in Hindi, etc. Where did the –tri– come from? In the many languages it has same meaning - 3. Do you think one of the hindues during the dream could see god with trident or name of the Hunter’s constellation? Each known early developed culture was living at the greatest rivers (Egypt, Mesopotamia and Hindu-Sarasvati Civilization ). what about other cultures. they are almost forgotten. Sages from Atlantis could change live ability of the wild people of hunting to agriculture within the pre-flood time. Much more developed tribes were living from the Europe to the India by this time. Name Poseidia was too difficult to speake for the wild hunters at the Sarasvati river but "three-speared" was much easier. We have conclusive evidences about sages of Atlantis: “Trishula”- is a conclusive evidence on counting, “hunter” - on astronomy, etc. Missioner-sages of the Atlantis became gods together the adapted other gods of the Atlantis. The gods - first missioners were much welcome gods for the primitive peoples by comparison to the other adapted gods of the Atlantis. Thouth was a criminal for a king of the "Cronus" (one of the kingdoms of Atlantis in the insula Poseidia) but as a teacher of sages and a script-creator became important god for the primitive hunter-gatherers in Egypt!  Thus legend of the Erich Von Daniken - (Chariots of the Gods) is already exploded. The gods were not aliens from other galaxies and stellar systems. They were sages and missioners from the Atlantis and gods for the primitive people!

Ammon-Ra was not main god of Atlantis! Only smaller island was sacred to his name to the north-west of the Insula Poseidia. Main island was sacred to main god of Atlantis to Poseidia. Main god of marine power was god of the seas and oceans of course! later on for the post-flood civilizations a god of the Sun with different names became main god of the main developing cultures on the mainland.

My evidences are all saved ancient sources. I’m looking for plausible facts in the ancient sources. Please remember Plato’s story. Knowledge in the geology and other fields help me to create logical framework for the working. Please remember the“trishula”. I had created conclusive evidence about teachers of counting and religion. The “Hunter” constellation helped me to create conclusive evidence about teaching of the elementary astronomy, etc. Modern cult of persons has roots within the pre-flood time. Teachers became gods!
Developing of the agriculture colonies was an important agreculture politic of the Atlantis kingdoms and precursor Baal's kingdom to avoid starvation.
Creators of the three most known early developed cultures (Egypt, Mesopotamia, Hindu-Sarasvati Civilization,) their level of development had been interrelated to Atlantis. Logically their development was interrelated to feeding, dressing problems and rapid reproduction of the Atlantian people. It connected logically to the development of the medicine and laws, etc. Within Atlantis kingdoms and other isles they had no problems of dangerous carnivorous predators; life of young generation had not many problems. 64,000,000 people at the boundary quite acceptable. It was interrelated to well developed cities, buildings, transparent temples and infrastructures and lots of skin-clothes as well. They were not naked and wild people.
       All over the Earth wild hunters had huge problems; carnivorous predators, epidemic disaster, Fighting for hunting territories, etc; Wild man could kill his friend even for the woman, power, food, etc.

   Within the area in which Atlantis was supposed to have existed it is estimated that could feed 1.4 people per hectare of farmland. Multiplying that by the alleged 64 million inhabitants of Atlantis at the boundary means that would need an area of farmland 8 times the size of France (roughly half the size of the U.S.A.). Judging about the map, the Atlantis was nowhere near that size it was planetary empire. Without total development of the agriculture-colonies after 14.400B.C. the atlantians would be died by starvation. Plato's Atlantis story is partially based on fact.
    Royal family
of the Osiris was a head of the first greatest mission. I want t
call that "The Osiris mission". In the Egypt were discovered huge layers of the best limestone. For milleniumes it was widely used for the Baal's empire and later on to the Atlantians buildings and temples worldwide. The Atlantians rulers had many agriculture colonies. Each similar great mission needs security service, cooks, constructors and builders of new life, Temples, houses and other human services as well as spreaders of knowledge (Sages) from Atlantis temples to teach: counting, religion and gods, lunar calendars, constellations and their names. (elementary astronomy), arts of medicine, etc. Osiris wrote the elementary laws in the ten sentences for the primitive hunters and to their generations (roots of Ten Commandments by Moses). The difficult history could save names of the first teachers only. First temple was built in the Ancient capital of Egypt Zau (Sais), located in the western edge of the Nile Delta. Generation of the primitive hunters could study sages of Atlantis there as well as generation of missioners and assimilated generation by inter-race weddings. Isis instituted marriage and taught women the domestic arts of corn-grinding, flax-spinning, and weaving.
In the Mesopotamia was mission of the Oannes. Maybe Oannes’ mantle or other clothes looked like a fish. For naked wild hunters and their generations for a long time that was incredible. Eventually Oannes became a fish-like god. The mission had same goal as well as in Egypt.
About the Sarasvati mission we have small information still. Maybe head of the mission was another person, but she is most known person and became goodness of knowledge and her name was sacred to the great river. Now Dear reader, I think you know that what her mission could teach for primitive people? The goals was same, development of the agricultures to send part of the crop for the Atlantis!
These three missions were three much known independent centres of Atlantis. There are unknown colonies as well within surrounded places and worldwide.

What causes extinction boundaries? – Geo-catastrophes of course! This is one of the important topics for the modern geology to understand future fate of the mankind as well as whole mammals’ kingdom. None ever reach the inner nucleus to understand what happened there. We have enough mind and intellect to produce logical framework of the events.

None investigator could connect still on the geological timescale the extinction events to the reversal event of the global magnetic field. This is a first paper only.  

Everyone knows about last tragedy within the Indian Ocean. 225,000 people were died by the flood over the surrounded mainland and islands during the Sumatra-Andaman event. Local Readjustment of isostatic balance between submarine lithosphere tiles and slabs could produce great earthquakes such as the Sumatra-Andaman event and could kill 225,000± people. Each local readjustment and changing of isostatic balance between the lithosphere tiles and slabs is formed by global interaction of all thin and thick lithosphere platforms (maunder drifting).

We have the proofs about rapid reversal events on the geological timescale connected to the global magnetic field. 10,428 B.C. This is a Last reversal of the poles discovered by the Swedish geologists in 1972. The Swedes reported in New Scientist 6/1/1972, p.7, that "a reversal of the Earth's magnetic field had occurred 12, 400 years ago" which gives 10,428 B.C. What force causes unbelievable independent rotation of the inner metallic and magnetic nucleus into igneous masses of the outer nucleus? no we have an excellent proof that the event happened in 10,465B.C.

My point is that;

1.The inner G nucleus is under the huge pressure. In the physical centre around the huge G nucleus approximately pressure equals:  600,000,000BAR.

2. Approximately mass of the huge G nucleus equals:  600,000,000,000,000,000,000,000kg. It consists of most heavier and dense metals.

3. Maunder drifting (Shift is a very bad explanation and almost means beginning of the independent rotation) of the geo-magnetic poles around the geographical poles is an endless peaceful process and interrelated to influence of the solar reversal magnetic field.

4. Rapid independent rotation within few weeks of the huge mass under the huge pressure could be produced by the turbulent streams. These powerful streams within outer nucleus - igneous liquid streams around huge inner magnetic nucleus produce the reversal event.

5. Only turbulent movement within outer nucleus can produce penetration through the solid mantle fissures. It produces transfer of the igneous liquid masses from outer nucleus under the crust into Magma Ocean (asthenosphere).

6. The similar penetration (
aEBageo-transfer) has huge strength and can produce catastrophic geo-forces millions of times that the strongest Sumatra-Andaman event. Lots of Mammals 90% as a maximum will die. It would be an unbelievable huge tragedy and extinction event of course!!!

7. Of course
aEBageo-transfer  would not be a local event. We almost came to the explanation of the global event. The similar event can produce simultaneously movement (oscillation) of lithosphere platforms over the igneous waves of asthenosphere and global readjustment of the isostastic balance between all thin and thick lithosphere platforms within a few days of the penetration.

8. Usually the rapid reversal events are discovered within the drilling programs.  Each  magnetic reversal is a side effect of the aEBageo-transfer and a rapid event on the geological timescale (during the hardening of the ejected magma layers the ferromagnetic crystals can save the rapid reversal event and can be discovered after the drillings in the solid cylinders). These solid cylinders are a sort of filmstrip of snapshots of past geomagnetic activity that reveal the direction and strength of the Earth's magnetic field at precise points in time. Geological surveys of the mid-ocean ridge shows that reversals have happened many times before in the history of the Earth. Everything proves that the rapid reversal event and outflow of the thick magma masses are simultaneously processes.

9. penetration the outer nucleus masses into asthenosphere can form rapid, catastrophic increasing of the pressure. Violent magma outflow forms huge thickest streaked terrain along the mid ocean ridge above thin lithosphere plates, after huge powerful runaway subductions, obductions, fissure-outflows at the boundaries. What causes alive boiling of fishes and global heating of the huge water basin? of course aEBageo-transfer . This is a clue for the huge violent evaporation and global environmental changing. aEBageo-transfer explains the global changing of the coastal lines and  water levels within the post-flood millenniums.
A lot of arcs along the streaked terrain of petrified magma layers on the thin lithosphere plates are greatest proofs of the fissure-outflows


Violent magma outflow forms the huge thickest streaked terrain along the mid ocean ridge above thin lithosphere plates, after the huge fissure-outflows at the boundaries.

Reversal and aEBa Geo transfer

Apocaleptic -

Extinction Event

Pre-flood constructions for the tourists from the Atlantis kingdoms discovered at Bimini.

The ruins of temples dated at 12,000 (12,500 is much plausible) years old have been found near Bimini, Bahamas. Megalithic structures are not supposed to be in the Bahamas.
 Preliminary analysis has revealed that the original structures, although smaller in size than the Great Pyramid of Giza, appear to have been more advanced.
Casing stones have been measured which are of the same unique angle as those at the Great Pyramid.
The ruins are megalithic and bear a remarkable resemblance to ancient sites in Egypt. So called "quarry marks" found in the Aswan quarries and also on the Great Pyramid, itself, appear to be identical matches with those found on the Bimini temple stones.
One major difference, however, between the Egyptian sites and these stones is that on The Bimini stones you find a great number of sky maps which have recorded the paths of various heavenly bodies. The major concern of the mysterious ancient civilization that produced these heavenly maps seems to have been Saturn and Jupiter - with the oldest records reflecting an emphasis in Saturn.
Some of the stones are under water and some of them are under the sand under water. They are not in their original formation.

1975; Twenty researchers, including archaeologists, a marine biologist, geologist, and cartographer dove onto ruins on the sea-floor off Bimini in 1975 and brought back artifacts from which they concluded that the walls and roads were made of materials not found in that part of the world.
Modern Archeological reconstruction of 35 square and rectangular formations located in the 90-feet of water, about 5 miles of Bimini - by Dee Turman proves same

My note: 1. Looks like a touristy centre for the elites at the last pre-flood boundary. There is no strange that the pre-flood royalty had a journey place at bimini. Due to isosatic readjustment  at the boundary the complex was sunken near Bimini, Bahamas. There should be other remains of pre-flood constructions of the marine kingdom as well.
2.We have greatest proof now! The Bahamas isles were much wider at the boundary. the place was an important part for the marine power and planetary empire ATLANTIS!

3. Canary Isles were much wider and part of the Marine kingdom as well. It would not be strange that the discovery of the similar rectangular artifacts at the Canary Islands

For last millenniums the level was almost stable in the world ocean. That was connected to the stable temperature changes in the huge water basin.
Last two glaciations were started after global geo-catastrophes
22,440B.C. and 10,465 B.C.
The greatest and thickest sheets could be created by rapid evaporation from the seas and oceans only. Global Rapid evaporation is interrelated to intensive snowfalls within the polar zones and rainfalls in other zones.

Thus something could change isostatic balance after the last global geo-catastrophe. Clue is the surrounded terrains of the mid–ocean ridges and their reversal magnetism. Each huge long reversal zone along the ridges is interrelated to different huge outflow during the global geo-catestrophes.

The image represents the huge magma outflow lines over the sea-floor (3.1).
Reversal of the global magnetic field is a rapid event (Few weeks maximum) on the geological timescale and closely interrelated to global geo-catastrophes.
P.S. For the logical framework and knowledge historical source is an important paper. There is hidden greatest secret as well. For 3 days by the 
aEBa geo-transfer (Mantle plumes) had created not only huge outflow-zones along the ridges (3.1). aEBageo-transfer produces powerful circulation of the igneous streams within the outer nucleus (3.2). Circulation of the huge igneous liquid masses within E geo-sphere causes an independent maunder rotation of the huge inner metallic and magnetic nucleus for few weeks. 
Unfortunately the ATLANTIS was formed along the temporary  uplifted ridge approximately
24,450 (
22,440B.C.) years ago!

My main proof is the Athanasius Kircher’s map. Athanasius Kircher’s map 1669. Kircher was a Jesuit German priest, who lived between 1602-1680. He published “Mundus Subterraneus”, a book containing a map of Atlantis according to ancient Egyptian maps.  The original map was taken from Egypt by the Romans, probably around 30 AD.
Ancient Egyptian source describes all details of the my map! Mountains, valleys, two small and seven smaller islands, almost exactly coordinates of the two main volcanoes, Six main rivers, Path between two islands ("trident" and "head" of the Poseidia) half way off from the Gibraltar  two the capital of Atlantis!
I want to say that soon 50% (as a minimum) of the mankind will die immediately. When will happen That?... Maybe tomorrow… or after 100 or 400 years… I don’t know… sorry… Geological evolution has own exact laws on geo-catastrophes!

Modern Azores Islands were peaks of the
 mountain ridges towering above the Poseidia at the northern! Everything on the map indicates pre-flood terrain of the 10 main island shown on the decoded map. Azores Islands are in the center of the decoded map!


Report from the first political, economical  and religious centre of the pre-flood world destroyed by Atlantis  14,350B.C

Before reigning of the Atlantis' planetary empire, pre-flood world had the first political, economical  and well developed religious centre in LORD BAAL's country around 15,500 ÷ 14,350B.C..
Source of the Myths: Titans in the myths are interrelated to first missioners,  builders of the titanic constructions - ATLANTIANS - the people from ATLANTIS. Very many gods where grew up there (among TITANS)! Some gods were TITANS (ATLANTIANS) some were growing among TITANS (among ATLANTIANS). That could happen within EGYPT as well as ATLANTIS. I have written that first stage during  the evolution of the modern mankind had only ATLANTIS! To study that in the Cambridge or in Oxford impossible still!

Additional ground-breaking data for the mainstreamers  you  can  read  in  my  books for free.

 Russian book—»  и



Н.Ф. Жиров, К.Л. Маргиани«—»“Атлантида —


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 English data 1.


English data 2.

English data 3.

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Humankind needs ground-breaking documental film

for the falsifier mainstream scientists on Atlantis


Pre-flood Prime Meridian and Sunken Citadel Atlantis

between the Azores Isles: Santa Maria and Sao Miguel

Citadel Atlantis

Smaller red circle: Pre-flood capitol hill (Citadel Atlantis)

Red circle: Kingdom of Atlas (Atlantis City)

Red Line: Prime Meridian of the Pre-flood world

Red dots: Magmatic layers, result of the Apocalyptic eruptions.

Blue arc: Remains of circular canals (Pre-flood Harbors)

Blue line: Man-made cannal from pre-flood harbors to the ocean





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